My Studio.

A few days ago I was reviewing my web sites, yes I do have another site, and I realised that the majority of images on this one are pictures of the "outside world". OK there are a few in the "Scrapbook" that are inside, as are the guitar pages, but the majority are landscapes, seascapes and places of interest.

Excluding my websites, most of the pictures I have out there on the Wibbily Wobbily Web were taken inside, and a large proportion of them were taken in "My Studio". Now, to get this clear from the start, I do not have a purpose built permanent studio with a reception area, fixed overhead lighting, coffee machines and so on, but I do have a room in the loft at home. This room is my guest room, computer room, music room and sometimes studio.


I am not a formal portrait photographer, although I have risen to the occasion a few times, therefor the majority of my studio time is spent with inanimate objects. The image on the left is my light box setup consisting of 2 x 175W daylight spiral fluorescent lamps in collapsible reflectors and a translucent fabric cube. The other picture is typical of the results from this setup. It would, of course be edited to suit the target web page.

My light box is ideal for photographing small objects such as jewelry,ornaments, flowers and, of course, cameras. This one is fairly small and larger ones are available, but they are quite expensive and I would not use it very often so I have another solution.

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