As before, the first image shows a typical studio setup. This time I am using three flash, or strobe, heads. Two with umbrella reflectors, better known as brollys, and the third with a soft box. This one has two layers of diffusion to soften the lighting as flash/strobes are very harsh. The strobes can be fired using a cable connected to the camera or by a small flash gun on the camera. I did have wireless triggers, but the transmitter was not compatible with my new camera so I sold the setup a while ago. I may purchase a set for the new camera, it depends how much use I will make of it.
The right hand picture was taken with the third, soft box, strobe lowered and pointed towards the ceiling. The resulting bounced light soften the somewhat harsher output from the other two strobes. I do have a very small, low output flash gun for my cameras, but I prefer to use a cable to fire the strobes.
flash setup flash results

In addition the the "studio" items shown over the past few pages I also have barn doors, honeycomb diffusers and coloured gels for the strobes. A large, "man size", or should that be "person size" reflector, green, white and black backdrops, macro extension tubes and more stands with adaptors to hold small flashguns. It all makes quite a pile.

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