My solution for a big soft box can be seen below. The same lights are now fitted with diffusers, this arrangement is also known as a soft box. Add a backdrop and you are in business. I would normally iron the creases out of the backdrop but as this is just to show the way I work I have left them in for a bit of 3D interest. Maximum height for an object in this setup and in my studio is, theoretically, about 2 metres but the two lights I have are not powerful enough to illuminate something that big. As already stated, I am not a portrait photographer but a set up like this would be suitable for a "head and shoulders" style portrait but not full length.
The images below are typical of the results from the above setup. By substituting a solid top table or stand for the glass one shown here allows me to photograph objects that are far to large to fit in my soft box cube.
close1 close2

In addition to the lights shown here and on the previous page, I also use flash, or strobe, lighting which can be seen on the next page.

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