This was not going to be another project.

I recently obtained a no-brand Thinline Telecaster copy guitar. It has the wrong bridge fitted, a single coil pickup at the bridge and a "lipstick" pickup at the neck.. However, I could see that it originally would have a humbucker at the bridge position. Easy job as I have a humbucker and bridge.




Then I removed the bridge to see that the body had been chopped about the take the single coil pickup, so it was not going to be a five minute job and that is why it is shown semi striped down.

P.S. The neck would not normally have been removed to change a pickup but I only started to photograph this when I discovered the previous workmanship. As I said this was not going to be a project!

I removed the scratch plate which revealed a second humbucker slot. This was a '72 Thinline copy. tl003
Humbuckers in place. I have a bridge to suit the humbuckers but can't find it in my box of bits.
I will need to fill in the unwanted holes.
Holes pegged and ready for finishing. The main body is a species of mahogany, the front is a light plywood. Both will have an oil finish rather than paint. tl005
Rear of body which has now had a couple of coats of Danish oil, as has the front. tl007
I decided to fit Zebra humbucker pickups rather than the chrome ones. Next fit the neck, screw everything down and wire it up.
Problem! The bridge I have is the wrong one. It is for through body strings, and I need a top loader.
New bridge obtained and in place. The neck has been attached, next job is to wire it. tl008

All wired and ready for my preferred Roto Sound 9 Strongsville I had any. The pack shown contains spare high E strings, the skinny one that always breaks.
The jack plate has also been replaced with one of the correct style.
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A tribute to Leo.



Well almost. The nut needs a few more minutes work to lower the action a tiny bit and, of course, fit some decent strings.

Total cost around £50, some of which I will get back selling the pickups and bridge on that well known auction site.

As I said, this was not going to be a project, but after a few hours work it now looks good, and sounds OK to.