Here it is, a Columbus Crest Les Paul style guitar in bits. As far as I can tell it is all there but it has been messed with.

The main problem is a previous owner had decided that the action was to high, so to lower it they removed some wood from the neck socket, which of course gave the opposite to the desired effect.


The first image is a the "bits" that I think are all there, although some are somewhat rough and will need replacing.

Next along is the modified neck socket. it was when I attached the neck that I discovered that it sloped. The body is laminated, which is a posh way of describing plywood.


Not sure what the black coating is. It is in a bad way so will probably have to be removed. Hopefully the "wood" underneath will be able to take another finish.

The neck will need a bit of straightening and the frets require a bit of work. The nut will need to be glued back.


The neck binding has been removed but I do have a coil of binding to use.

It looks like two, or maybe three, types of machine heads have been fitted in the past. The ones with it are useless so new ones will be needed.

All in all the previous owner has turned a fairly collectable instrument into a pile of junk or, to put it another way, "A Project!"



lp3 lp5

lp6 lp7

What's next? A bit of investigation to decide if it is worth spending any time on this then try to get the neck level. If I can then I will remove some of the coating to see what the "wood" is like underneath..............more as and when along with pictures of course.