Finished at last.

Jazzmaster body, modified Strat neck, twin humbucker pickups with 50's Gibson wiring. I suppose it could be called a custom.......



Thinline Telecaster, oil finished mahogany body, maple top and hard maple fretboard.
Zebra humbucker pickups with top string loading bridge.

Next on the build list is a short scale bass along the lines of an SG.!!!!!

Slight change of plan..see below...


Next on the build list is still a short scale bass along the lines of an SG, but for now it is a modification.
I have a Yamaha RBX170 bass guitar that I have owned for around 15 years. It is a bit scruffy and I have decided to customise it. You can just see a bit of it in the picture above.
Not sure how yet, but I have a couple of ideas, and it is currently in my workshop having the finish removed.
Stupidly, I did not take a picture of it before I started so the image to the right is courtesy of Yamaha.

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