I know that on the previous page I said " I will start modifying it.
Nothing major, replacing one of the pickups with a humbucker, a new pick guard, or scratch plate as some like to call it, and some changes to the wiring."
Well I have changed my mind. It will still be modified, but now the three single coil pickups will be replaced with a pair of humbuckers.
Nothing original in that I hear you say, and I agree there are many Jazzmaster style guitars with a pair of humbuckers. However I have other ideas as well......read on and all will be revealed.
getting ready

Well as you can see the scratch plate, pick guard or whatever, and the electrics have been removed. The tremolo arm, some say whammy bar, has also gone never to return, and the bridge has been converted to a fixed bridge.
The wires that remain are for the earth and jack socket connections. The main cutout is large enough for the new pickups but the channel going to the jack socket may need easing a bit for the replacement tone and volume controls.

Shiny new scratch plate..........cut out of a corn flakes box. I am, more or less, constrained in the scratch plate design. Due to the body shape and bridge location I can't do much of a custom design. I may change the left side a bit to follow the body curve, but for now I will use this to sort out positioning.
Switch bezel and pickup frames are pined roughly in position and the cavity outlined on the "shiny new scratch plate".
Oh yes, I do not intent to carry out the modifications on my dining room table. It was just useful to use the dining room for the initial dismantling and picture taking rather than my workshop. Anyway, it is a cold miserable day and it is raining.
Take one piece of pick guard material, add one cardboard cutout template and draw around it. Simples!

Clamp pick guard material to bench and cut roughly to shape. Simples....until my Dremel type tool decides to pack up.

Notice that I am now in my workshop and not the dining room.

OK, it is now the next day I have fixed my Dremel type tool and the pick guard is now cut to shape.
Next step is to carefully file the bit where the neck goes. I compared it with the original scratch plate as I progressed.
Notice how I seamlessly swap between Pick Guard and Scratch Plate.
It fits...Woo Hoo!
I have also drilled and countersunk the screw holes.

I decided to keep the shape the same as there is not a lot of space between the L/H edge of the guard to where the body slopes.
A bit more sanding to the pick guard to finish of the shaping then it is on to cutting the holes for the pickups and controls.
Once all the holes for the hardware are finished I will bevel the edges.
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