utrecht vlag
Wapen & Vlag van Utrecht Provincie.

The Dom Tower (Cathedral Tower, Dutch: Domtoren) in Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands at 112.5 metres, and can be seen from practically anywhere in the city making it an ideal landmark. The tower stands at the spot where the city of Utrecht originated almost 2,000 years ago.

Many of the canals (Dutch: grachten* ) in Utrecht, such as the Oudegracht (old canal) above, are below street level and many of the former warehouses have been converted to cafes and restaurants with seats and tables along the walkways.

*Canals are very important to Netherlanders, so important they have four words for them.
A gracht is a waterway in a city with streets on both sides of the water.
A singel is a water-filled moat which originally surrounded a city for defense purposes. When a city expands, the singel is incorporated in the city’s structure and cannot be distinguished from a gracht, although the name ‘singel’ is usually maintained.
A kanaal is a man made water course, usually in the countryside, irrespective of whether it has streets along its banks.
A vaart is a canal essentially used for transport rather than, for instance, drainage. Like most kanalen, they are usually in the countryside.
Although gracht means "canal" or "waterway" in the general sense, there no exact equivalent in English, therefore it is best left untranslated.



Many streets in Utrecht are very narrow. De Massegast is classified
as an alley ( De Massegast is geclassificeerd als een steegje)


The Herenbrug (Gentlemans Bridge) spans the Stadsbuitengracht in Park Lepelenburg.


Many of the buildings in Herenstraat, Museumkwartier, date from the 17th century and are
listed monuments.


29 Herenstraat.
Bouwjaar 1623. Poortje met geblokte versieringen en bovenlicht.
( Built in 1626 Gate with checkered decorations and light)


Arriving by train at Utrecht CS you have a choice of 2 exits. One, Hoog Catharijne, takes you through a giant shopping centre. The other, Centrum, takes you to a building site. Fortunately, historic Utrecht is only a short walk away.