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About JNMPhoto.
A while ago I came across my first Freelance/Press Photographer ID card, from 1974, and it struck me that I have been taking photographs since I was old enough to look through a viewfinder, and started dipping my fingers in smelly chemicals not long after that.
After years as a freelancer it is time to “hang up my lenses” and retire, not that I will stop taking pictures.

I started using Olympus equipment back in the early 1970's with OM1 & OM2 35mm cameras. I still have my OM1 and a selection of lenses, something i do not intend to part with.
In the digital age it was an E1, and later, DSLR's, only moving to Canon when Olympus announced the end of the Pro "E" line cameras.
Canon make superb cameras, but my kit of 5D MkII and assorted lenses, flash etc. was no lightweight to carry around. For "day trips" I used a Canon G5, again an excellent camera but limited. So after some investigations and testing, I decided to give the Olympus M4/3 mirrorless Compact System Cameras a try.
I have sold all of my Canon equipment and am again using Olympus cameras and lenses almost exclusively.





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